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From time to time, I select one of the Battle Files to be my Featured Battle. It is discussed in more depth than the other Battle Files. As well as the day of the battle itself, the background to the war and the campaign leading up to the battle are covered in detail. Also, the repercussions of the battle are discussed. Finally, attention is given to the weapons and tactics used and the generals who influenced the outcome of the day. Currently featured is The Battle of Waterloo.

Wellington at Waterloo

Wellington at Waterloo

Waterloo (1815)

The Battle of Waterloo is arguably the most famous land battle in European history. It ended the Napoleonic Wars which had ravaged Europe for over 20 years and sent Napoleon Bonaparte to his final exile. It is also remembered for bringing together onto the field of conflict two of the most celebrated generals of the day - Napoleon himself and Sir Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington.
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BattleFile is about warfare and military history in general and famous battles in particular.
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Search or browse the Battle Files to learn about some famous, and not so famous, battles. Each Battle File will tell you where, when and why the battle was fought, as well as the armies and generals involved. Furthermore, the outcome, including casualties, is discussed and many of the Battle Files also contain a brief description of the main events of the battle. The Battle Files are categorised by Century, War and Commander for easy browsing but you can also search for any battle that interests you.
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I have some reviewed some military history books.
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