The Battle Files

Search Tips

To have the best chance of finding the battles that you are interested in, please bear in mind the following:

  1. The more words in your query, the narrower the search. So, if your search does not return the results you expected, try removing a word or two from the query.
    • eg "Montgomery" will return all battles involving Montgomery, whereas "Montgomery Rommel" will only return those battles involving both Montgomery AND Rommel
  2. Conversely, if you want to find all battles involving either of two search words, it's best to search twice
    • eg to find all battles involving either Montgomery OR Rommel, first search for "Montgomery", then search again for "Rommel"
  3. Common words like "a", "the", "about" etc are not included in the search, so don't bother using them
  4. Also, some general military words like "battle", "war" etc are excluded from the search as they appear in almost every battle on the site
  5. The order of words in the search query will not affect which battles are returned
    • eg "Roman cavalry" will return the same battles as "cavalry Roman"
  6. The search is not case sensitive
    • eg typing "Jacobite Risings" will return the same battles as typing "jacobite risings"
  7. If you have difficulty finding a specific battle:
    • make sure you have the correct spelling (hopefully the spelling on the site is correct!)
    • try alternative wording (eg "first" instead of "1st" etc)
    • try browsing for it by Century, War or Commander